Bergsvän Cora
Bergsvän Cora
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Ocun - Via Ferrata Twist+Chest Pail Set - Klätterset

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Materialuppgifter & kännetecken
Via ferrata
polyamid, rostfritt stål, aluminium
med Keylock-klack, med komfortupplåsningsmekanism, Via ferrata-karbinhake
insydd bandfalldämpare
Axiell brottlast:
33 kN
Tvärgående brottlast:
7 kN
Öppen brottlast:
11 kN
4 flexibla öglor
klättersele Twist green; bröstsele Webee Chest Lite; via ferrata-set VF Captur; fästslinga Tie-In; låskarbinhake Osprey Twist; hjälm Pail Combi
Övriga angivelser:
vikt via ferrata-set: 536 g; storlek och vikt klättersele Twist: XS-M (höftmått: 63–95 cm, benomkrets: 45–60 cm, vikt: 370 g), M-XL (höftmått: 77–110 cm, benomkrets: 53–72 cm, vikt: 410 g); höftbälte och benöglor med vaddering

Get started right away on your via ferrata with the set from Ocún

The Via Ferrata Twist+Chest Pail Set from Ocún contains all the equipment you need to keep you safe on a via ferrata or high rope courses.

The Twist climbing harness with its comfortable padding on the hips and leg loops has three slide-lock buckles to adjust the fit. Its sliding hip pad ensures that the tie-in point remains centred and in the front. Plus, it’s equipped with four gear loops to store your climbing equipment. The Twist from Ocún with its excellent fit is also great for sport climbing.

The sit harness along with the Webee Chest Lite chest harness offers top safety. It’s equipped with an anchor point that’s high enough to keep you upright, even with a backpack on your back. This can be very crucial in the event of a fall. In addition, the harness is made of honeycomb 3D foam, which keeps it light and lets the air circulate through. It can be adjusted quickly and easily, allowing you to add or remove layers on the go.

With a tie-in sling!

Secured via the Tie-In sling, you can briefly remove clothing and stay secure. The sling is a safe and comfortable way to connect the chest and sit harness. The sling is threaded once through the sit harness loop and then clipped into the Twistlock carabiner Osprey Twist at both ends. The carabiner is now hooked into the two loops of the WeeBee chest harness and securely closed. Now, you can attach the via ferrata set directly to the two tie-in points.

The Osprey Twist carabiner has a high utility value. Thanks to its “rope friendly" design, it can even be used for HMS belaying if necessary. Its oval shape makes it universal, e.g. it can also be used for pulleys and block and tackle.

The set is completed by the Pail Combi climbing helmet, which will protect your head against impacts and falling rocks. It features a great adjustment mechanism to ensure that it sits comfortably and side vents to keep your head cool.

The features at a glance: Twist climbing harness

  • Climbing harness for via ferrata, high ropes course, sport climbing
  • Padded hip belt and leg loops made of a comfortable sandwich material
  • Sliding hip pad to adjust the size and it keeps the tie-in point centred
  • Three stainless steel slide-lock buckles (2 × 20 mm, 1 × 30 mm)
  • Four gear loops
  • Sizes: XS-M (hip circumference: 63-95 cm, leg circumference: 45-60 cm, weight: 370 g), M-XL (hip circumference: 77-110 cm, leg circumference: 53-72 cm, weight: 410 g)

Webee Chest Lite chest harness

  • Anatomically shaped chest harness made of perforated 3D foam for good air circulation
  • Size is adjustable (chest circumference 70-106 cm)
  • Two stainless steel buckles (2 x 20 mm)
  • Weight: 265 g
  • The chest harness can only be used safely in combination with a sit harness

Tie-In sling

  • Tie-in sling for tying into the hip belt and chest harness
  • Optional self-securing when putting on and taking off the chest strap
  • Guaranteed tensile strength of 22 kN for the entire sling in each loop
  • Reinforced tie-in points made of Cordura fabric
  • 20 mm durable tubular polyamide webbing
  • Length: 41 cm
  • Weight: 48 g

Osprey Twist carabiner

  • Universal oval carabiner with a twist lock closure
  • Rope-friendly design
  • Major axis tensile strength: 25 kN, minor axis tensile strength: 9 kN, open gate tensile strength: 6 kN
  • Gate opening: 22 mm
  • Weight: 75 g

Pail Combi climbing helmet

  • Hybrid helmet (plastic shell with hard foam inner shell)
  • Universal size

Captur via ferrata set

  • Suitable for beginners and experienced people on via ferratas and in high ropes courses
  • User weight: 40-120 kg
  • Central rest loop
  • Elastic Y-lanyards (from 50-100 cm) can be handled close to the body and don’t tangle
  • Tensile strength of the arms: 12 kN under cyclic load (proven holding force under cyclic load, tested according to the latest standards, i.e.: 50,000 cycles)
  • Abrasion-protected shock absorber does not interfere with your climbing movement due to its compactness
  • Ergonomic via ferrata carabiner with a wide gate opening and keylock nose for easy hooking and unhooking from belay points
  • Carabiner with one-hand palm release; locks automatically and doesn’t open by accident
  • Carabiner major axis tensile strength: 30 kN, minor axis tensile strength: 8 kN, open gate tensile strength: 8 kN
  • Weight: 545 g
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