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Pieps - Set Micro (Micro, Shovel C 660, Probe Aluminium 26 - Lavinsökare – set

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Snowboard, Ski Touring, Skiing
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The Pieps Set Micro is a safety set for tours where there is a danger of avalanches and it comes with a particularly lightweight beacon, a medium long probe and a versatile shovel. It's especially suitable for ambitious touring but also for skiing in deep snow.
These are the details:

The Micro beacon can be adjusted and updated via Bluetooth. It stands out due to the compact construction and low weight and has three antennas. By pressing a button you can check the group function, updates and hard- and software of the device. In case an antenna is interfered with the Micro switches to another antenna automatically and switches from search mode to transmitting mode by itself in case of a burial. Searching for multiple buried people is supported by the flag function. As soon as the position of the strongest signal is localized the signal can be deactivated and the next strongest one can be searched for. The electronic IProbe by Pieps does that automatically by interacting with the Micro.
In spite of the compact size the Micro rests safely on your hand and is equipped with a large, reinforced display. It can be operated at up to -20 °C for at least 200 hours with an AA battery.

The Pieps Probe Aluminium is a drop sensor made of light aluminum with a stable connecting cord. It's locked in place via the leash on the top easily and quickly and is scaled. You can work safely due to the anti-slip shaft. It's made of six tubes which can be bound together by a silicone strap on the handle. The Probe Aluminium is light and has a low flexural response.

The Pieps Shovel C is a shovel made of aluminum with a practical C-handle which can be handled well even with gloves. Its handle and lower shaft are coated for maximum grip while shovelling. The stem is ovally shaped so that it won't twist. It has a pack length of 50 cm and the shovel locks automatically into the quick-release fasteners.
The shovel blade comes with anti-slip tread grooves on the upper edge, a distinct center bar as well as a groovy structure for optimal rigidity and efficiency. The edges are sharpened in order to break through hard snow with more ease. Its stem can be attached at a 180 degree angle so that you get a pick which can be used to build a bivouac. The holes on the sides of the blade allow for cords to be pulled through to build a rescue sledge with skis.

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